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Here is a photo of our bathroom waterproofing job we completed in Echuca. This job was done last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Shower, bathroom, and kitchen are the spaces that are often accumulated with water. If these spaces are not correctly secured, they may give rise to fatal falling and slipping accidents. Nothing is above the safety of your family and friends. That is why we offer premium waterproofing services that will ensure reliable and long-lasting safety.

The team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing has efficiently completed numerous waterproofing projects for many residential and commercial properties. Our experienced professionals can install any type of waterproofing membrane. Moreover, they will help you to select the perfect waterproofing membrane that suite your floor.

Showers and Bathrooms

Shower and bathroom are the dampest and moist places in the house.  These two surfaces are most susceptible to water leakage and tile damage. Therefore, if these surfaces are not professionally waterproofed,dangerous falling and slipping accidents may take place. Whether you want to install a new waterproofing membrane or repair the existing one, the team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing is efficient in providing excellent and enduring waterproofing services.

Pool Patio

The pool is a necessity in the intense summer season of Echuca, Australia. It will help you beat the unbearable heat. Moreover, it is a desired place for both adults and children to relax and enjoy. Since the pool patio is going to remain wet always, it should be correctly waterproofed to ensure the safety of your family and friends. At Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing, we provide high-quality waterproofing services for your pool patio that will keep you and your family safe for decades.

Foolproof Products

We never compromise over satisfaction, work standards and quality of products. We always use high-quality, safe, durable and reliable products for waterproofing. We have a trustworthy network of manufacturers and suppliers that are devoted to providingthe best waterproofing products.

Our experienced professionals are fully competent to install any type of waterproofing membrane,including Polyurethane membranes, Acrylic-polymers membranes, etc. The team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing will make sure to deliver the desired and outstanding outcomes by using the finest available products.

Durable Protection

When it comes to tiling and waterproofing services, durability is one of our prime traits. We highly regard the safety of your family and friends. Moreover, we take you satisfaction and happiness as our reward. That is why we strive hard to deliver safe, durable and long-lasting waterproofing service that will leave you and your family safe, satisfied and happy for decades. Call Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing today, if you need excellent waterproofing services.

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