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7 Tips on tiling a pool

Tiling a pool adds to the aesthetic value of your property. Thus, modern pool owners are using a gorgeous array of tiles to make their dip in the bath enjoyable.  

Like ancient Romans, you can line your pool interior with popular tiles like glass mosaics and ceramic mosaics, for they have low water absorption. 

Pools have been in existence for over 5 000 years. The earliest swimming pool can be traced back to the ancient world in the Mohenjo-Daro settlement in Pakistani. The public water tank measured 12m by 7m by 2.4m and had two staircases.  

It had small sockets that held the treads and wooden planks in place; thus, people could move along the ledge as they come down the stairs without stepping into the pool.  

Although people enjoyed relaxing in that public pool, it lacked most of the accessories you find in a modern one today.  

Pool tiling job we completed in Echuca with red mosaic pool tiles

Why should you tile your pool?  

Tiling a pool is a premium finish that makes it durable, attractive and has a less chemical reaction as compared to one with a painted finish. More so, tiling a pool helps to bring out some details because it allows you to use creative designs. 

You can cover the entire pool with tiles, or install a single row to cover the waterline. Waterline tiles are used to match or create a contrast between the pool and its surroundings. They can also be used to change the colour of the pool; for instance, you can install a light-coloured interior and a darker waterline. 

Alternatively, you can tile the entire pool to enhance its aesthetic value and make it easy to clean the dirt that is deposited on the wall.  Tiling a pool to last longer and offers you limitless design choices. 

Therefore, tiles give your pool a fantastic look, are gentle of your feet because of their silky smoothness, and are easy to clean and maintain. 

Choosing Tiles  


Ceramic tiles are considered as the best tiles for wet areas like showers and pools. However, not all ceramic tiles are suitable because a small crack can allow water to leak, which can severely affect the pool.    

Thus, tiles that are used in pools are vitreous or impervious, for they shouldn’t absorb water in case of a crack or craze. While vitreous tiles absorb 3% of the pool water, impervious tiles absorb 0.5% of all the moisture these surfaces come across. Besides water absorption, ceramic tiles are less costly to buy and install as compared to glass mosaic tiles. However, they have limited colour options.  

Glass tiles, on the other hand, have a wide range of colours and effects like crystal, pearl, and gold. Thus, glass tiles give your pool a sparkling look that brings your pool to life. 

Stone tiles are used on the pool deck and coping applications because they are attractive, highly durable, blends well with the natural surroundings, and have low maintenance. You can opt for different textures such as matte or rough, to provide enough grip, depth, and character on the walls of your pool.   

The Size of the Tiles 

As stated above, ceramic tiles are less costly and inaccessible, thus suitable for your pool. The next consideration is the sizes of these tiles. Ceramic tiles have a wide range of sizes starting from a square measuring 23mm by 23mm to rectangles of 95mm by 45mm. 

On the other hand, glass mosaic tiles are smaller in size, for they range from 20mm to 48mm. However, the recommended size for a fully tiled pool is 20mm by 58mm. 

The shape of the Tiles 

Most homeowners preferred square tiles in the past years, but today there is an increased demand for rectangular tiles. Pool tiles are different from the indoor tiles because they have a low rate of water absorption and are fired at high temperatures. For that reason, you can’t use indoor wall tiles on the sides of your pool. Further, these tiles are supplied on a mesh backing, thus easy to install.   

One similarity between the pool and indoor tiles is that they both have different grout colours. However, the most common grout colour that you will see in most pools is white and grey. 

 Colour of the Tiles 

Most swimming pools have blue ceramic or glass tiles. However, you can make yours different by installing charcoal and aqua tiles. This will give the water a green tone, which is a shift from the great blue tone.  

More so, you can experiment with different colours such as red and black, to create a unique and appealing pool. These tiles change the colour of the water, and you can also choose a waterline that matches or contrast with the entire pool. Matching the tiles and coping colour of the pool is another option that you can use to create an exceptional pool. 

The Style of the Tiles  

Constructing a pool is a costly but long-term investment. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose tiles that you will satisfy you daily, for styles keep on changing like fashion now and then. 

Greeks and Romans built natural pools that extended nature, however these structures we very luxuriant. Therefore, you can use natural materials like stone tiles for the coping and deck. Then you can use glass pebble tiles to give your pool an outstanding look. Alternatively, you can use green or blue ceramic tiles that blend well with the stone tiles. 

Granite and limestone tiles on the coping and deck will give you a modern design pool. They have different colours and a smoother texture. More so, you can install ceramic and glass tiles on the steps, floor, and walls. 

The Latest Trends 

Most homeowners are using mosaic blends for their pools. The tile option has three different colours that make your pool to stand out. Another popular trend in the 21st century is the minimalism and the use of mosaic pictures that allows you to flaunt unique styles.  

The Budget 

There are several tile options available in the market; however, your budget will narrow down your choices for tiling a pool. The best way of handling the tile selection exercise is to recruit a pool contractor like Echuca Tiling and Waterproofing. These professionals will guide you on the best tiles for your pool that are within your budget.  

Above the ground pool tiling job done in Echuca with blue mosaic pool tiles


Swimming pools are long-term investments that enhance the value of your property and make your life enjoyable during hot weather. 

However, choosing pool tiles is a challenging exercise because there are several factors that you need to consider before settling on a piece of tiling a pool. 

Echuca Tiling and Waterproofing are ready to walk with you. Contact them for more suggestions on the material, colour, style and installation of tiling a pool.   

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