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Bathroom Renovations

Here is an after photo of a recent bathroom renovation we completed with wood finish porcelain floor tiles. The job was completed in Echuca, see more of our photos at

The bathroom is the most visited and used space in the house. Moreover, it is representative of the overall look of your home. Therefore, it should be renovated regularly to keep it stylish and up to date. A well-renovated bathroom will make your house more enticing and appealing. Also, it adds to the value of your home.

Advancements in technologies have made available unique, eye-catching and durable sanitary ware. Likewise, a lot of tiling material, designs and colour combinations are available to give your bathroom perfect look. The team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing is an expert in delivering your dream bathroom proficiently and cost-effectively.

Consultations and Estimates

No project starts at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing without full analysis and preparation. Indeed, when you decide to hire us, our team of specialists will perform a comprehensive analysis of your property to access your desires and requirements completely.

After performing this analysis, we will be able to provide cost estimations and also time frames for the successful completion of the project. Years and knowledge and experience enable our team to provide accurate budgetary estimates and time frames.

Customizable Options

Bathroom renovation opens a window for you to have numerous designing options. In fact, a wide range of tiling materials can be used for renovating your bathroom like marble, stone, glass, porcelain, etc.

Additionally, all these materials come in a variety of designs and colours. You can also custom design your bathroom. At Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing, we offer all available options for exceptional bathroom renovation service. Also, our experts are fully competent to achieve your custom designs smoothly and effectively.

Tiling and Waterproofing

There is no better choice than tile if you want to furnish a durable and striking look to your bathroom. Tiles are being used for years to cover bathroom floors and walls. Besides, this tiling material provides a pleasing and calming look to your bathroom.

Moreover, tiles are durable and easy to clean. Also, diversity of colour, design and material options are available when we talk about bathroom renovation. It entirely your prerogative to decide whether you want striking or straightforward outlines. Tiling is useless if you don't think properly waterproof it.

Waterproofing will ensure the maximum safety and security of your family and friends. The team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing will provide durable and desired tiling and waterproofing services.

Terrific Team

There is no doubt in the fact that you will need an exceptional team to fulfil your dream of a perfect bathroom. Well, we are proud to have such a group. The knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated, devoted, competent and experienced team has the best possible solutions for all your bathroom renovation needs. We have modern hardware and the latest technology. We are fully competent and talented to deliver you perfect bathroom renovation expertly, efficiently and economically.

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