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Stone Tiling

Here is a photo of stone tiles we used on our exterior wall tiling job in Echuca. This job was completed last year of November. See more of our photos at

One of the most frequently used material for tiling is stone tiles. Also, if you want to use the beauty of natural stone in or around your home, marble or travertine tiles are perfect. It is a unique option that will provide you home a natural, authentic and attractive look. Furthermore, stone tiling is very durable and can withstand harsh scratches and heavy foot traffic. Moreover, it can be used on any surface. It is used for both internal and external décor of your home. The team at Echuca tiling &waterproofing is providing superior stone tiling service for many years. Our skilled and experienced professionals will make sure to deliver the preferred outcomes smoothly.

Artful Stones

Professionally stone tiled bathroom and kitchen will take décor of your house to the next level. Moreover, at Echuca tiling & waterproofing, we proudly offer stone tiling services that will add pleasing and appealing characteristics to your property. Also, it will provide your home with an eye-catching unique and authentic look. We offer a variety of artful and straightforward stones to help you accomplish the perfect stone tiling experience. Moreover, we will assist you in selecting the best stones according to your desires and needs.

Interior Options

Stone tiling is a preferred choice of homeowners and commercial builders for both internal and external décor. Also, it is a perfect option to provide a unique and tempting look to your property. Commonly stone tiling is used to cover the kitchen and bathroom floor and walls. However, stone tiling can be used in any part of the house.

Along with providing pleasing and calming feelings, stone tiling also affords protection against falling. The team at Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing provides several interior stone tiling options that will help you to attain desired stone tiling. Moreover, we also offer stone pebbles that will make your shower space alluring and comforting.

Exterior Options

Stone tiling is perfect for the external décor of your house. It is an ideal choice if you want to add a natural, unique and authentic look to your home. Exterior walls, backyard and pool patio, can be tiled with stone to give an attractive and pleasing look to your house. At Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing, we offer many exciting exterior stone tiling options that will leave you amazed and impressed.

Affordable Stones

With Echuca Tiling & Waterproofing, you need not worry about costs. We are well known for our affordability. With years of service in the tiling and waterproofing industry, we have managed to develop a network of reliable dealers and manufacturers that provide us with the best and excellent rates. Moreover, our service rates are unbeatable.

Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of stone, interior and exterior décor option as compared to other companies in the industry. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services at reasonable prices. We will ensure that you get desired results proficiently and economically. Call us today for your stone tiling project!

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